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Privacy Policy

As part of our privacy commitment to you at Harrah Pharmacy, we want to share  with you the basic components of our Privacy Policy:

  • We will make our privacy commitments easy to find and easy to read

  • We will notify you of changes to our Privacy Policy  before they take effect.

  • We will use state of the art security safeguards to protect  your privacy and the data entrusted to us.

  • We will not sell your personal information to anyone, for any  purpose. And when we share information with our trusted service providers, they  too must comply with our privacy commitments.

  • We will listen to your feedback and answer your  questions about our Privacy Policy, commitments, and practices.

    We recognize the trust you place in us to safeguard your privacy. Our privacy  commitments are and will remain a fundamental part of our business, and will  apply to everyone who has a relationship with Harrah Pharmacy, including  patients, customers, and visitors to our sites. These commitments may well grow  as our business grows and we develop new ways to interact with you, but rest  assured that we will keep you informed about these changes through our updated  policies.

    We retain the flexibility to update this policy. We may periodically update  this policy to describe how new website or mobile app features may affect our  use of your information and to let you know of new controls and features that we  may provide you. We will NOT apply changes to this policy retroactively to  information we have previously collected.

  • E-mail is available through our website. All e-mail addresses must be  verified before Harrah Pharmacy will communicate information through e-mail. Any  information sent through e-mail is subject to our privacy policies and will not  be shared.

  • When you use our mobile app (Rx2Go), we may also collect geo-location  information to assist you in quickly finding places or receiving relevant  location information, such as where participating pharmacies are found. If you  do not want the mobile app to obtain location data, you can disable the location  function on your mobile device, in which case you may not receive relevant  information. Location information is not saved or stored beyond what is  necessary to ensure a consistent and functional application.

    We also collect information that identifies the type of device you are using  and a unique identifier that identifies you as a user of the mobile app. Our  mobile app uses this information to enhance your use of the app by: (a)  determining the applicable End User License that applies to you, (b) checking  the device’s network connectivity status, and (c) saving location information  about your favorite pharmacies you access on the mobile app.

  • If you choose to receive features or services from us that require the  sending of text messages, we will use your cell phone number as provided to us  to send such messages. Your carrier’s standard text messaging rates and other  charges, including for data usage, may apply. You must be at least eighteen (18)  years of age to use our text messaging services. If you have questions, please  contact us at Harrah Pharmacy.

  • Your access and use of our website and mobile app is subject to your  agreement with this policy, website and mobile app terms and conditions. By  using these, you expressly agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy and consent  to the collection and use of information as discussed in this Privacy Policy. If  you do not agree with Harrah Pharmacy’s policy, please do not use or access any  part of the website or mobile app for any purpose.