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Nutrition Information

We carry professional lines of Nutraceuticals and Medical foods including Xymogen, Metagenics, Standard Process, and Numedica.
Many other lines of vitamins, herbal formulas, and supplements are available. Come by and visit with one of our nutritionists or helpful staff.
These are just a few of the many conditions that can be helped or improved
through diet alterations and /or natural product supplementations
  • Acne                                Flu/Colds
  • Allergies                          High Blood Pressure
  • Anemia                            Insomnia
  • Anxiety                            Menopause
  • Arthritis                           Osteoporosis
  • Asthma                            Pain
  • Constipation                    PMS
  • Depression                      Prostate
  • Diabetes                          Urinary Tract
  • Fatigue                            Weight management
It is our desire to assist our customers in reaching their goal of improved health
and well-being through blending traditional medicine with natural alternative care.
  • Health assessment questionnaire
  • Focus on nutrient deficiencies
  • Drug and herbal interactions
  • Drug/Nutrient depletion
  • Customized Prescription compounding
  • Weight management
  • Vitamin, Mineral or Herbal selection
  • Nutritional Consultations
Our health plans are not a substitute for medical care. Only your doctor can
diagnose and treat a condition or disease. It is always our recommendation that
individuals visit with their physician before starting any self help program,
especially if they already have a pre-existing disease or condition.


Studies have proven that receiving an annual flu vaccination can significantly lower your chances of getting the flu during the year.  At Harrah Pharmacy, we offer flu vaccinations beginning in September. We also bill Medicare on behalf of eligible seniors.  Some insurance plans will pay for vaccinations leaving you with just a co-pay. In addition to the flu vaccination, Harrah Pharmacy offers Pneumonia and Shingles vaccinations.


Often times a different dosage form of medication is helpful or needed in treating certain medical conditions. At Harrah Pharmacy, we have the ability to compound certain medications into external creams or gels, lozenges to dissolve in the mouth, or even change hard to swallow tablets into capsule form. Please contact one of our staff for your particular need.


Do you have a problem getting your child to take his or her antibiotic because of the bad taste ? Maybe we can help by flavoring it to a more suitable taste. With FLAVORx, many bad tasting liquids can be enhanced or changed into a better tasting liquid. There are many flavors from which to choose. Ask one of our technicians about a more suitable flavor.